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About: For more than 200 years, DuPont has brought world-class science and engineering to the global market place through innovative products, materials and services. Our market-driven innovation introduces thousands of new products and inventions every year serving diverse industries across 90 countries.

Today, DuPont is building on this heritage by partnering with others to tackle the unprecedented challenges in food, energy and protection facing our world. The company is working with customers, governments, NGOS and thought leaders to discover solutions to today's toughest challenges- provide enough healthy food for people everywhere, decrease dependence on fossil fuels, as well as protect people and the environment for generations to come.

The portfolio of DuPont spans offerings across a variety of market segments comprising agriculture, food and nutrition, auto, safety and protection (including defense), renewable energy, healthcare, home and construction, electronics, transportation, infrastructure and textiles. Some of the well-known brands of DuPont are: Coragen®, Ferterra®, Kevlar®, Nomex®, Tyvek®, Surlyn®, Delrin® and Sorona®.

The company has a significant footprint in the country with 4,000 colleagues, the DuPont Knowledge Center (DKC) and the DuPont Services Center in Hyderabad as well as the DuPont India Innovation Center in Gurgaon. The company has manufacturing centers across four locations at Savli in Gujarat, Sohna in Haryana, Medchal in Telangana and Madurai In Tamil Nadu.

DuPont believes science can play a vital role in addressing key challenges in India. Showcasing our commitment to this belief, DuPont launched The Power of Shunya™, an initiative which is about working collaboratively with customers, partners, government, and others to deliver science­powered solutions that contribute to India’s growth. To know more about how DuPont harnessed The Power of Shunya™ in collaboration with other organizations, please visit www.dupont.co.in/Shunya

Ram Mudholkar is the President of DuPont South Asia.