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Isaac Kwamy

Director, Global Programs, Humanitarian Disaster Management
United Kingdom
Isaac is presently the Global Programs Director of Humanitarian Operations and Disaster Management for NetHope. Isaac leads NetHope’s Global Humanitarian Operations Programs including Emergency Preparedness, Response & Recovery efforts, Crisis Informatics, Access to Information as Aid and Humanitarian Digital Financial Services (Cash programing). This includes providing leadership, oversight and execution of NetHope’s Humanitarian Operations Programs including Emergency Preparedness and Response efforts. This includes activating the Emergency Response Working Group, leading emergency response operations, represent NetHope externally by building relationships with NetHope Members, iNGOs, the UN System including the Emergency Telecommunication Cluster (ETC), the UN Working for Humanitarian Technologies, various humanitarian forums, UN OCHA, UNHCR, UNICEF, Government, private sector and Tech sector leaders. Isaac has over 17 years of senior-level experience in humanitarian relief and development field operations. Prior to joining NetHope, Isaac worked for World Vision International as Director of Humanitarian Technologies for Disaster Management. Throughout Isaac's career with World Vision International, he provided effective strategic leadership, resulting in externally positioning World Vision International as a key player in the Humanitarian Technology sector. For example; he was Instrumental in setting up the first NGOs Emergency Telecommunication Cluster Coordinator. A model that has now been adopted as standard for all large scale emergency responses. In addition, Isaac held various positions in the Humanitarian sector and has a deep and practical understanding of humanitarian operations and the use and adoption of technologies to enable relief operations over a vast number of contexts.Isaac’s field experience includes: The Sichuan earthquake response in China, the East Democratic Republic of Congo IDP Crisis, the Cyclone Nargis response in Myanmar, Darfur refugee response in Sudan, Haiti Earthquake response, the Horn of Africa draught response (2011), the Pakistan flood response, South Sudan IDP Crisis, the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the Kurdistan Republic of Iraq (KRI) IDP and Refugees Crisis, the Nepal earthquake response, to name a few… The combination of Isaac’s extensive field experience in disaster management and technology background provides Isaac with a deep understanding how technology can be applied to enable humanitarian operations as well as solve the most challenging collaboration issues within disaster response at the last mile.