Boris Marković

Boris Marković is leading the Web-Abacus software solution team of Global Communities, which for over ten years helps making credit inclusion possible to impoverished and rejected people in war thorn ME regions and Europe. His team substantially contribute to proactive and responsive communication between and within Global Communities, its VITAS Micro Finance group affiliates and different stakeholders, and their endeavours to grow and develop in dynamic, fast changing environments.Boris joined Global Communities in 2007, where he spent 3 years in their SDS Serbia Branch collaborating on support, business analysis and Global Communities proprietary software (Web-Abacus) features development. He collaborated closely with all VITAS Group members, ensuring responsiveness of Web-Abacus to the changing landscape of client needs and development demands. In 2010, Boris moved to VITAS Jordan as Chief Information Officer – MIS/Data Manager, gaining invaluable field experience working directly with a microfinance institution. In 2016 he returned to SDS in Serbia where he currently serves as Director.Before joining Global Communities (formerly known as Cooperative Housing Foundation), in 1996 he started to work with Serbian non-governmental organization (NGO) “Hi Neighbor!”, UNHCR implementing partner, at the height of the Balkan conflicts, where he quickly realized that his education and skills as a mechanical engineer could best be applied in income generating projects designed to provide assistance to vulnerable communities. He led the team that developed an Access database software that tracked grants, skill development, and soft loan projects. By maximizing available functions, the database also had the capacity to provide valuable analysis to help the senior management of the NGO design sustainable development solutions for disenfranchised and vulnerable populations, such as children, women, and elderly.During his tenure with “Hi Neighbor!” (1996-2007) Boris frequently collaborated with UNHCR, IOM and different international NGOs and advocated for refugee and migrant projects as the president of the Management Board of the Serbian Refugee Council.