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Marc Katzwinkel

Mobenzi Technologies
Account Manager
Cape Town, South Africa
After embarking on a BA LLB (Law) degree at The University of Cape Town in 2008 I started my working career in online marketing at Click2Customers as an Account Manager. I then expanded my focus in this field as the head digital strategist at HelloComputer looking at alternatives to Google Adwords; mobile and social media advertising etc. This then took me to Praekelt consulting where I project managed several activations for Brandhouse and SABC. In late 2013 I started at Mobenzi Technologies, still based in Cape Town, as an Account Manager. I have assisted in the scoping of several small study’s as well as large-scale evaluations, trials and data collection projects all with bespoke features achieved through our Mobenzi Outreach and Gateway platforms. I am responsible for all existing client relations, new business, internal project management and our support team who handle day-to-day queries from the field. I share in Mobenzi’s vision to empower frontline workers through technology.