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Exhibit :Social App Hub is a platform that curates socially impactful mobile apps with an intention to better community welfare. It is also a repository of information on the impact of technology on the Social Good Sector in India.
About: Social App Hub was launched on April 2016 by Vodafone Foundation India in partnership with NASSCOM Foundation. It is a platform that curates socially impactful mobile apps to provide a one stop access to stakeholders in the development sector.
The platform is one of the largest repositories of information on tech for social good in India, where users can access information in the form of interviews, case-studies and articles on impact of technology for social good.
The stakeholders of Social App Hub include App Users, Social Good Volunteers, App-Developers, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Government Initiatives and Social Enterprises. These parties use mobile apps and information for an array of social causes and to drive awareness, inclusion and empowerment across sectors.
The hub is designed to be extremely user friendly so that information about sector of interest and relevant content or apps are easily accessible to the user.