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Exhibit: Replicating Connectivity, Energy, Education and Entrepreneurship (CE3) Solutions
Accenture Development Partners, together with the University of Notre Dame have trialed a model that provides solar electrification to rural areas of developing countries, tying it directly to entrepreneurship opportunities. This exhibit presents lessons from our experience and provides a sneak preview of a tool that organizations can use to replicate the model going forward.
About: One of America’s leading undergraduate teaching institutions, Notre Dame has been at the forefront in research and scholarship. The Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development (NDIGD) combines the existing world-class teaching and research faculty of the University with a dedicated staff of experienced international development professionals, administrators, and researchers. NDIGD cuts across academic fields of expertise to produce multidisciplinary knowledge and develop innovative solutions for complex development challenges. NDIGD seeks intellectual partnership with government agencies, corporations, foundations, and Civil Society Organizations in the United States and abroad. NDIGD-corporate partnerships help transfer cutting edge technology and analysis acumen from the corporate world to development challenges. Details and partnerships are illustrated at www.ndigd.nd.edu.