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Exhibit: aWhere, Inc.
aWhere will be demonstrating the Agriculture Intelligence Platform and access to our global network of virtual weather stations and agronomic insight.
About: Founded in 1999, aWhere collects and analyses over a billion data points from around the globe each day to create unprecedented visibility and insight, known as Agricultural Intelligence, that enables critical agricultural decision making. aWhere operates a global-scale agronomic modeling environment with immense data processing capacity that is helping to transform agricultural development. aWhere’s processing center also integrates local farmer, agronomic, and socio-economic data into a predictive analytics platform that allows for the early identification and response to crop and livestock stress to mitigate their impact on smallholder livelihoods. aWhere delivers Agricultural Intelligence into the hands of farmers, agriculture ministries, humanitarian agencies, agricultural buyers, and a range of other market players in emerging markets to inform decisions that promote greater farmer productivity, more resilient communities, and improved food security.