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Emily Taylor

Vecna Cares
Director of Communications
I wear many hats at Vecna Cares, a non profit company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We design and deploy information management and technology solutions to create measureable impact, helping people in low resource settings live healthier and better lives. We build systems that close the information gaps between patients, caregivers and decision-makers.

We have developed a rugged, easily-deployed server and power management system, the CliniPAK Node. It's approximately the size of a briefcase, and can be powered by solar energy, a car battery, or plugged in. When deployed, it pops up a wireless local access network allowing all wifi enabled devices within range (~50m radius) to access any software installed on the CliniPAK Node. The network can be broadened by using PoE access points (powered off the CliniPAK Node).

We have deployments where we host our software and DHIS2- we can also host other software. All information entered on any device is available to all other users on the network.

We're currently deploying CliniPAK Node in the UNHCR refugee camp in Kakuma, in primary care clinics in Kenya, at a hospital in Zanzibar, and in Haiti.

I 'd love to talk about Vecna Cares' offerings, to see how they can complement the solutions you are currently deploying, or wish to deploy!