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Donna McMahon

Catholic Relief Services
Senior Advisor
United States
Please provide the following to maximize Summit value: 1. Email: 2. Key interests: 3. Expectation for the Summit: 4. Short bio:
1. Email: donna.mcmahon@crs.org
2. Key interest: How technology specifically, not theoretically, is having a demonstrable impact on poor people's lives.
3. Expectation for the Summit: to walk away with knowledge of tools, capacities and processes that have been proven to have a positive impact on poor people's lives.
4. Short bio: Have worked with CRS in a variety of senior positions, from Planner/Evaluator in the Office for Policy and Planning, to Manager of Financial Planning for the agency, to Agency Strategy Director, to supporting the annual ICT4D Conference and communications around CRS' ICT4D strategy.