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Tuesday, May 16

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Mobile commerce for the BoPLIMITED G.03Hillary Miller-Wise Mobile phone for community resilienceLIMITED G.01Tapas Chakraborty Customer-Centric Digital Financial ServicesLIMITED G.04Nirat Bhatnagar Digitized climate and environment-smart lending: A case studyLIMITED G.05Christoph Jungfleisch Bring the infrastructure and plan for impact - Prep for next rapid deployment G.02Gillian Javetski • Emily Taylor e-Voucher and Livelihood SystemLIMITED 1.03Jack Byrne • Sameh Abed Rabbo Skill building at scaleLIMITED G.06Prasenjit Kundu Talking Books + android for audio knowledge in rural communitiesLIMITED 1.01Cliff Schmidt YALI and MEL: An open source approach to adaptive managementLIMITED 1.02Paige Kirby A digital strategy to boost quality of care in African rural clinicsLIMITED 1.04Thierry Agagliate Achieving health outcomes through community engagementLIMITED 1.06Shama Karkal Mapping the data – An interactive map of HIV data sources, users, and elementsLIMITED 2.01Andrea Fletcher • Tyler Smith Scaling up health insurance using low cost technologyLIMITED 1.05GEORGE ATOHMBOM YUH An ecosystem approach to financial inclusion through digitization of paymentsLIMITED 2.02MUKESH SADANA Enterprise GIS development for Catholic communitiesLIMITED 2.05Molly Burhans Transinformation for transformationLIMITED 2.03Janine Schooley The Big Discussions: Disaster Management, Data-driven Adaptation & StrategyLIMITED Hall 2Isaac Kwamy • Charles Callanan • Keith Chibafa • Priscilla Chomba-Kinywa • Allie Lieber • William Martin

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Bringing markets to smallholder farmersLIMITED G.02Richard Yona Digital M&E: building a global baseline with complex indicatorsFILLING G.03Dr. Linda Kleemann • Thorsten Schoel Using Agricultural Intelligence & Weather Analytics across the Value ChainLIMITED G.01Stewart Collis Principles for Digital Development Implementer ToolkitLIMITED G.04Carolyn Florey Salesforce to SQL server to ArcGIS Online map: Global projects mapFULL G.05Janeen Kim Cayetano Tools for monitoring SDGsLIMITED G.06Arun Kapuria • Sameer Thapar Can digital credit work at scale? Results from 2 experiments in IndiaLIMITED 1.02Varad Pande Financial Inclusion of Marginalised Farmers through Risk Management (FIRM)LIMITED 1.01Krishna Chandra Mishra Parametric insurance: how does big data and analytics save lives?LIMITED 1.04William Martin Service contract tracking & alerting systemLIMITED 1.03Ali El Benni • Ahmed Shoukry AtmaGo - neighbors helping neighbors build stronger communities 2.03Meena Palaniappan Improving quality of care through a mobile tool in MyanmarLIMITED 1.06Leona Rosenblum mHealth experience from rigorous research to transformative scaleLIMITED 2.01RAMKRISHNAN BALAKRISHNAN Mitigating operating challenges in large scale preventive mHealth programsLIMITED 1.05Emmanuel Atuma • Dr. Aparna Hegde • Debbie Rogers • Sankalita Shome Using a mobile application to improve job satisfaction and motivation among Community Health Nurses in Ghana: A mixed methods evaluation 2.02Steve Ollis The Big Discussions: Education & Livelihoods, Partnerships & Collaborative SolutionsLIMITED Hall 2Ruxana Parvin Hossain • Sara Jacobs • Ayan Kishore • Prasenjit Kundu • NEHAL SANGHAVI • Karin Tuxen-Bettman

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Open geospatial data for positive global impactFILLING G.01Anne Miglarese The role of social media for off-farm businessesLIMITED G.02Keith Bunyenyezi • George Gitau Using ICT to reach farmers in their own languageLIMITED G.03Phil Malone Mobile data collection & monitoring: The good, bad & hope for the futureFULL G.05Barbara Main Politics and design of KPIs and MISLIMITED G.04Harsh Nisar Water monitoring sensors for increased efficiency for community projectsLIMITED G.06Styvers Kathuni Designing for the mass market customerLIMITED 1.03Priti Rao Digital Financial Services for the emerging middle class in IndiaLIMITED 1.02Isha Singh Beneficiary vulnerability data sharing in a disaster response contextLIMITED 1.04Keith Chibafa Cash, data and HXL in emergenciesLIMITED 1.05Priscilla Chomba-Kinywa Bridging the distance: Mobile mentorship for vulnerable girls in IndiaLIMITED 2.02Namrata Baruah • Praekelt.org Creating a cashless economy in a humanitarian settingLIMITED 1.01Nick Anderson Improving reading through digital platformsLIMITED 2.01Andrew Ofosu-Dankyi Digital health: Government leadership & cooperation between ICT and healthLIMITED 2.03Carolyn Florey Integration is key to successful ICT4D: 4 successful integrated programsLIMITED 2.05Sara Chamberlain • Shiv Kumar • Erica Layer • Dr. Marc Mitchell Making enabling technologies work in Prime-Boost vaccination programs.LIMITED 2.04Geoffrey Babughirana Mobile technology to empower community health workersLIMITED VIP Lounge (2nd floor)Marc Katzwinkel Public Private Partnerships: From donor to deep collaboration Hall 1Erin Connor • Justin Nelson • Meena Palaniappan • Shashi Raghunandan • Ric Shreves

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